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If you like playing bingo and want to try the slots then signing up to Bingo Liner can give you the chance to play both bingo and the slots for free. Bingo liner give you £10 free bingo play and 200 free spins of the slot games!
Mecca Bingo - they match whatever your first deposit was, up to £50!!
Festival of Free Bingo
Join them every day for our 'Festival of Free Bingo' in our Club Bingo room and you could win big in the afternoons!



Does your student union have a bingo night?

Let us know and we'll list it on our Student Bingo nights page here!

A student in Southampton last week won more than £27,000 during his first visit to a bingo hall in the city.

He paid just two pounds to enter Mecca Bingo’s national draw and somehow beat 100,000 other players across the country to land a full house first.

The total jackpot that the student won was £27,865.


I was recently on what I guess must of been about my 40th attempt at quitting smoking, as you can imagine my friends support was starting to wear thin. It was then that one of my friends suggested getting support from playing online bingo! She explained to me how she had recently joined an online bingo site and all her fellow players had been so lovely and kind. There is no doubt that Bingo has always been a sociable game and online bingo is no different in this respect. Every online Bingo room offers a chat feature which is prominent from the moment you enter the bingo room. If you have never played online bingo before then this is the nicest surprise. People immediately welcome you to the room and ask how you are as if you were an old friend. Nothing prepared me for the feeling of community that you experience whilst playing online Bingo.

If you are a shy person then don't worry as online Bingo rooms are also prepared for this situation. This is why they employ special chat hosts. These friendly and experienced chat hosts really know how to get the conversation going as well as having the ability to be able to make sure noone uses terrible language or too much conflict. Online Bingo rooms also offer free bingo and special chat games to get you interacting with each other. An advantage to online Bingo over traditional chat rooms is that you know you already have something in common with the people you are chatting to, i.e- your love for the game. You also have something to do whilst chatting or you also have something to do whilst playing, whatever way you want to look at it. Overall online bingo rooms are a great way to socialise online and make friends.

Also... next time you are playing online Bingo consider who you might be chatting to. Did you know some of the celebrities that are rumoured to love bingo include Robbie Williams, Katie Price and Katherine Zeta Jones! There is some exciting food for thought to spice up your bingo game!


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definition of bingo

Bingo is a game played traditionally with numbers being drawn from a central pool. Each number called can be marked off on players cards. When a line or all of numbers are marked off the player shouts house.
In 90 ball bingo the cards have 15 numbers on and are usually sold in pages of 6. This gives every page the numbers 1-90. This allows players to know that every number called gives them a number to cross off.


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Why Stating In Playing Bingo Is The New Going Out
Staying in and playing online bingo really is becoming the new going out! Since the online bingo boom started back in 2004 more and more bingo players have been moving from the live version of the game into the online arena. In fact online bingo has surpassed live bingo in popularity with thousands upon thousands of bingo lovers logging on to play online bingo every night of the week. Live bingo is still alive and well but playing online offers many benefits which simply aren't available at your local bingo hall. There are literally thousands of people playing bingo online and the chat boxes make for a really fun and interesting experience. Everyone is really friendly and participating gives you the chance to meet a wide range of new people, make new friends and have a good natter. Experts in the industry actually credit much of the bingo boom to the introduction of chat boxes in online bingo halls. Just playing bingo at your computer can get a bit dull but when you are sharing the experience with other people things get a lot more interesting and exciting. Another great reason why staying in and playing bingo is the new going out is because it will cost you a lot less. There are loads of great offers available to online bingo players and a wide range of games all costing different amounts. Some games only cost 1p to enter and some are even completely free. Going out and playing bingo is always going to be more expensive than playing online as you have to find transport, pay for the bingo and buy any food or drink you need whilst at the bingo hall. Online bingo players also get to take advantages of promotional offers which are constantly running to attract new players to the game. Things like bingo deposit bonuses, free bingo, buy one get one free offers and big money jackpots are very common in the online bingo world. In fact online bingo has crowned some of the biggest bingo winners of all time thanks to progressive jackpots and coverall jackpot games. There are so many more people playing online that the prizes will always be bigger than at your local bingo hall where capacity is limited. Plus you get all the games you want to play in the same places such as casino games and bingo slots which you can even play whilst you play online bingo if you want to. If you are someone who hasn't tried online bingo out yet then it's about time you gave it a go. If you like live bingo then you are going to love online bingo. Be sure to read up on new player bingo bonuses and free bingo offers before you sign up and make your first real money deposit at an online bingo hall.

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